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So, you lost your car keys and you can’t find them anywhere. Before panicking, consider key replacement or key origination. Key replacement is an affordable and speedy way to regain entry and security in your vehicle so you aren’t consumed with panic or stress. The experts at Harvey’s will travel to your location and recreate keys from your existing locks, eliminating the hassle of tracking down transportation.

Do I have to buy new locks?

Key replacement can prevent you from having to buying entirely new locks and hardware. Most people don’t have the spare time to wait for an entire hardware replacement on their vehicle. Key replacement through Harvey’s Lock & Security offers a quick solution to a stressful situation so you can move on with your day.

What if my car uses a transponder key?

Most modern cars utilize transponder key technology, an internal chip to send a specific message to your car’s system. Without that specific message the car won’t start. So what happens when you need to get a replacement key for your car and you use a transponder key? Fear not. Transponder keys can be replaced and the vehicle reset, so you aren’t left choosing between security and functionality.

What happens if I lose my remote?

Replace it of course! Harvey’s Lock & Security provides replacement key fobs for most factory original systems. The vehicle can be reprogrammed to acknowledge new factory original remotes.

A remote access, or a keyless entry system, is a small remote that verifies security access with a vehicles security system. Typically, key fobs are small plastic remotes with several buttons including the self-explanatory “lock” and “unlock”, as well as a panic or alarm button that sets off a burglar alarm sequence.

Whether you’re sporting a 1967 Ford Mustang or a 2013 Honda CRV, Harvey’s can help! Put our expertise and knowledge of key replacement and transponder keys to work for you. Our expertise in the field guarantees a job done right, fast, and efficiently. Not to mention, we’ll come to you with our mobile service fleet.

Dreading the hassle of installing new door locks? Let Harvey’s do the work.

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