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Fire is as unpredictable as the weather – and both can be cause for concern when it comes to your valuables. Fireproof safes protect things most important, valuable, and precious when disaster strikes.

No safe is 100% fireproof, but fire resistance levels do vary and having the right fire resistance level can mean all the difference! The experts at Harvey's Lock & Security will help you understand safe fire ratings and choose fireproof safes that will meet your needs. We carry a line of carefully selected fireproof safes based on quality and durability ratings. From thermal fire gaps to cold smoke door seals to hydrogen-bonded c-rated fireboard, we have it all!

Where do I start?

With so many choices, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the possibilities. Before you decide which safe best suits your needs, consider these factors:

  • Fireproof safes vary in temperature resistance.

    Hard drives and CDs require special temperature considerations, whereas paper documents fare well in most fireproof safes. If you're looking to store technology or electronics, look for a safe that maintains a cooler internal temperature of 125° Fahrenheit. As a point of reference, an average fireproof safe for home use maintains an internal temperature of 350° Fahrenheit.

  • Water resistance is equally important in a fireproof safe.

    Sounds bizarre right? Fires are often times accompanied by sprinklers and fire trucks, which means water! Make sure to find a fireproof safe with a water resistant internal storage container so you aren't disappointed with soggy valuables.

  • Impact resistance.

    If you're purchasing your fireproof safe for home, it's important to consider where you'll store it and the effects a fire could have in that location. If a wall or the ceiling collapsed, would your safe hold up?

  • Size matters.

    It's true! Once you've determined what you'll store, assess how much space those things will need. Larger fireproof safes mean more weight. These factors affect location. It's all important.

  • Locking mechanisms aren't what they used to be.

    When it comes to fireproof safes, even options have options – like type of lock. Tubular locks, deadbolt locks, combination locks, and electronic locks, they all offer benefits.

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