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Electronic home security system or mechanical security door locks - home security means something different to everyone. Harvey’s Lock & Security will help you find the best security access control system for your home security needs.

What is access control?

The frontline warrior in the security battle, access control systems monitor who comes into your property. Generally, access control systems use a keypad or electronic reader system to allow those with the correct code or information access while preventing unauthorized visitors from entry.

Every access control system has three main components – a controller, automatic locks, and an access device.


It’s a lot like it sounds. A controller is the brain of the system. Through the controller you can manage and create accounts to choose your security settings and monitor entry and exit reports. Depending on the access control system you choose, the controller may be software operated on a server or computer or it may be a physical device referred to as “stand alone hardware.”

Automatic Locks

The brawn of the system, automatic locks take commands from the controller and physically prevent or allow visitors access to your home. Again, depending on the type of access control system you choose, there are varying automatic lock types. The two most common are electronic strikes or electrified hardware and magnetic locks.

Access Device

The golden ticket! Each household member will need an access device to tell the access control system you have permission to enter. Perhaps the most variable component, access devices can be a card you swipe, a proximity fob you hold near a reader, phone app activated, a keypad you enter a code into, or a biometric scanner that recognizes your fingerprint or retina.

Should I choose a wired or wireless access control system?

There are pros and cons to each electronic home security system. Wireless access control systems don’t have wires to fuss with during installation, making the process considerably simpler. Wired access control systems directly connect the system components, eliminating white noise or signals picked up from nearby devices. The wires are discretely hidden from view, but can be trickier to install. Both wired and wireless access control systems will likely require the help of a professional installer for door hardware.

Let Harvey's Lock & Security be your professional installer.

What should I look for in an access control system?

Not every access control system is right for every home. It’s important to assess your security needs before making any final decisions.

  • Are you technology savvy or do you need a simple and straightforward controller?
  • Do you want an access device you can keep on your keychain for ease of use or something more personalized?
  • What level of electronic home security are you looking for?

Once you have a general idea of your needs, Harvey’s Lock & Security will help you find the access control system that’s right for you.

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